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Another Round of Weather

Just a friendly note from BK Mgmt with upcoming pending weather conditions – be safe and take your time. Weather in the greater west central Indiana weather will carry a lot of precipitation. However, Sunday is a greater concern with the temperatures dropping severely. To ensure water flow has NO issues, open cabinet doors or leave an ever so slight drop on faucets that are on an outside wall. Current forecasts predict windchill temperatures of -20 degrees!!!

If you have a water line freeze, please let us know to ensure it is monitored and does not BURST or begin to slowly leak as temperatures increase. Enjoy the snow!


BK Mgmt

Happy New Year From BK Mgmt

First and foremost happy new year from BK Mgmt. We look forward to 2019, as looking back does not get us anywhere. Nothing too prominent, just a few items of interest from BK Mgmt today.

Yesterday brought a tragic, but hard fought, loss to the Purdue University community and the passing of super fan and super human Tyler Trent. A young man with near perfect SAT scores who came to Purdue and showed many of us what the face of courage is. To his friends and family, our condolences. To Tyler – thank you!

With 2019 ringing in yesterday, so comes another local, but world renowned, point of interest. Harry’s Chocolate Shop turns 100 this year. A long standing Purdue tradition and a classic bar where you can always find a friend, BK Mgmt tips our hat (and a drink) to you Harry’s.

Tenants of BK Mgmt – thank you. Please reach out and let us know how we can help your living circumstances. We are constantly striving to make improvements. Mother nature has been kind to us thus far with ice and snow, but as January rears up, be careful on slick surfaces as we will be doing our best for snow clearing and pre-salting prior to storms.

Thank you,

  • BK Mgmt